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MIS Systems Thread, 6th Form College MIS's in Technical; Afternoon all, Im after a little advice regarding MIS's Systems in a 6th Form College environment. I may be in ...
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    6th Form College MIS's

    Afternoon all,

    Im after a little advice regarding MIS's Systems in a 6th Form College environment.

    I may be in a position soon whereby i can pick an MIS system from scratch and want to look at all the possibilities.

    I currently use Serco in a Secondary environment.

    What are people using?

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    If you use and know Serco, start with that. I am a very happy Serco user and wouldn't want to move to anything else, we've been being poked to go to Sims as everyone else in the LEA is near enough on it but I feel it would be a step backwards for us, for a start off Parental Reporting in Serco is 100x easier as its built in out of the box. The same with reporting to Students you can do the same for them out of the box.

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    We use SIMS here for ages 0-18.

    You are in a great position if you can pick an MIS from scratch. Most systems have issues and what you want out of the software will determine which you would go for. Do you want advanced reporting, to share data with parents, to include things like registration, timetabling, assessment etc. ? These things will also govern the total cost of the system.
    Last edited by john; 10th January 2010 at 06:21 PM. Reason: removed CMIS as it is Serco ;)

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    If you are governed by LSC the returns are not the same as for schools and some of the other requirements are very different.

    There are specific suppliers in this space - Capita has "Unite" but I'm out of touch with who the other players are these days as haven't run our FHE business for years.

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