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MIS Systems Thread, Serco E-Portal Performance in Technical; Ok, to keep my mind active (and to relieve boredom), I've been doing some light reading of the Serco forums ...
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    Serco E-Portal Performance

    Ok, to keep my mind active (and to relieve boredom), I've been doing some light reading of the Serco forums and come across a thread from one of the Serco dudes about E-Portal Performance and I know that a good number of people will have niggles with the performance of it / its hogging resources etc, and they are wanting more details on what people are finding etc to help work on it.

    Can I point people to that thread - Serco Learning Forum and ask them to answer the points that James wants to try and help solve this for all, as I don't often see, and when i've seen it mentioned on here its usually a whats that?! kind of way, people refering to the Serco forums and from my browsing of it I think lots of people don't know about it.

    I am not saying that here is not a place to discuss it, but if we post there then its there with others who don't know about here!

    If you don't know your details for the Serco Forums / have Access to the Serco Portal Site you can register with them and they will add you on to the contacts for your School. It does take a day or so (depending on the number registering) to verify you and your access etc but it is worth it
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