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MIS Systems Thread, Sims Updates and SLG in Technical; Totally agree, however, in some cases (exams changes in Aug and some issues in SIMS that were only resolved in ...
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    Totally agree, however, in some cases (exams changes in Aug and some issues in SIMS that were only resolved in upgrades, not via patches) the SIMS upgrade could be required at the school before SLG was upgraded centrally so schools could make individual decisions on weather to upgrade to resolve the SIMS issues or keep the SIMS issue and have fully functioning SLG

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    Then I am afraid that you run the risk of parts of SLG not working.

    I concur with your frustrations. I am as keen as anybody to get the fixes in a new Upgrade at the earliest possible moment. If you have read my many Posts re. August Upgrade and NON-EDI Results in Exams, on SupportNet, you will understand my frustrations. In the event I did get the SIMS Upgrade in time to sort this before GCSE Results day - and very welcome it was too! On this occasion I think I did upgrade SIMS a couple of days before SLG - on the grounds that there would be few users needing SLG. (My ancient memory may well be mis-leading me on this one tho'!)

    At least I only have to wait a few days (maybe a week) for Capita Hosted SLG to be upgraded. I dare not risk irate Staff not being able to do their Assessments, Profiles Reports etc. using SLG as a result not following the correct guidelines. And it would be a bit embarassing if a parent rang up because SLG is not working correctly - as a result of my incompetency!
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