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MIS Systems Thread, SIMS Mobile 4.11 in Technical; Originally Posted by apeo Well if the mobile admin site is broke.. that dont help.. chances are this is related ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by apeo View Post
    Well if the mobile admin site is broke.. that dont help.. chances are this is related to .Net as ours break often, especially during upgrades. Usually to fix it we need to uninstall and reinstall .Net, and yes from 1 to 3.5. Dunno if thats your problem but that may help.

    Just to check before you do all of that, (sorry if its a dumb question) but when you tried to get to Mobile Admin, this was done on a wired system?

    You may also want to check to see if you have an exception for your sims server on your pdas. FYI everytime you connect a pda to a pc, it will set your proxy (atleast thats what it does over here) so you need to make sure your server is in the exceptions or it will try to got through your proxy.

    Can i ask if you have managed to upgrade to 4.11 yet?

    I'm accessing the sims mobile admin page directly from the server.

    The mobile admin page was working fine until yesterday afternoon.

    In between the time it was working and the time it broke, the only changes made to the server was running run the config util, clicked open, clicked update apis and clicked save.

    I had sims mobile running fine until this upgrade!

    I've never had a succesfull first time upgrade with sims mobile; something always breaks.

    It would have been easier to purchase netbooks for PE staff and have them use the netbooks with our wireless points to access sims.net!

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    No not running the upgrade yet.

    Whats the error message?

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