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MIS Systems Thread, CMIS Facility Pricing in Technical; Can anyone give me an indication of the cost of CMIS Facility, around 1000 pupils for Secondary and around 400 ...
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    CMIS Facility Pricing

    Can anyone give me an indication of the cost of CMIS Facility, around 1000 pupils for Secondary and around 400 pupils primary.

    Primary and Secondary are separate sites.

    Also any potential costs of 'add-ons' - E.g. E-portal?

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    Its based on modules taken, number on roll, contract length and everything else going from what I remember. Best give them a call to see.

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    I do not actually know the pricing myself, but John is correct about the structure.
    However, ePortal is included in the package. The basic package (last time i checked) is Facility, ePortal, Scheduler, Document Storage.
    There are extras which follow:
    SMS (ability to text from Facility based on attendance, assessments, school closure, etc)
    PDA (license for PDA access)
    Admin View (an extra view for people with higher privilleges such as ICT staff, Attendance officers, etc - this might be part of the standard package now)
    Room booking - this allows physical resources to be booked out through ePortal
    Finance (exchequer) - similar to other finance packages out there such as Sage
    Skillspace, our learning platform (hosted off site)
    Alfie, modular student assessment package (hosted off site)

    among many others.

    I'll try and get you a rough price for the standard package tomorrow and i'll PM you it.
    If you would like some contact details of who you could speak to please PM me a request, or if you'd rather i can pass your details on.

    Furthermore, if i can be of any more help, give me a shout.

    Michael Sanderson
    Technical Engineer
    Serco Learning

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    Could you possibly PM me the same details please? If you send your contact details with the pricing overview I'll contact you from my work account!

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