If you've had your head in the ground for the last few months, Capita are planning to support SQL 2008 in Oct. They have released the beta which appears to be pretty much like the last one (MSDE to SQL 2005). The migration utility appears to still suffer from the same issue as last time where it sometimes doesn't pick up the databases once you have connected to the SQL server. I assume this is some sort of timeout\low spec issue (basically, just run dbattach\sims\fms and it'll start working).

There is yet another SIMS infrastrure, this one includes the latest SP for the frameworks. The installers now support UAC, so if you leave UAC on, you'll be ok. At least until dbattach runs, which still isn't supported (current fix is to r-click dbattach, then "run as administrator")

Number of LA have complained about the Capita default SQL instance name, SQL2008Express, I assume this will change to the currently popular, SQL2008. I can see reason behind both of them, personally, SQL2008 makes more sense. If you didn't know you've spend the money getting "full" SQL, you shouldn't really be touch SIMS technically