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MIS Systems Thread, SIMS/SQL CPU core utilisation in Technical; I've recently P2V converted our SIMS server to an ESXi(4) host. I'm trying to ensure is all well for the ...
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    SIMS/SQL CPU core utilisation

    I've recently P2V converted our SIMS server to an ESXi(4) host. I'm trying to ensure is all well for the forthcoming academic year. I noticed while running a query from within SIMS the maximum server CPU utilisation seems to be around 25%. If I run two queries in parallel (ie one from SIMS.net and one from FMS) it maxes out at around 50%. The source machine was P4 with HT enabled, the virtual machine has four processor cores. All processor settings in SQL are set to automatic affinity.

    From what I've read, the only way to limit processor utilisation in 2005 is from within the query itself. Are SIMS queries limited to a certain number of processors per query? Does the above behaviour sound normal? Thanks

    Server 2003 SP2, SQL 2005 SP2 Std.

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    Think your limited to 1 thread\core\cpu. Log a call with Capita, they'll be able to give you more info. Assuming you've got 32bit and you've set AWE.

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