Becta is undertaking critical work in both data services and learning services. The data services programme is intended to meet the challenges of improving value for money in MIS whilst opening up the data and information / MIS services and systems that schools depend upon.

The data services work consists of four main strands:

1. Support Services: Developing an improved scope and range of support services necessary to ensure that MIS support is more effective.

2. Contractual Arrangements: A new national EU-compliant framework agreement for MIS provision

3. Interoperability: To establish supplier-independent and open interoperability architecture. This includes but is not limited to a SIF approach

4. Functional Requirements: To establish a supplier independent functional and technical definition for MIS. This is more functional than technical

We would now like to invite consultation on strand 4, the development of functional requirements for information management and MIS in schools. A first draft of functional requirements is available for download in the consultion area, and we formally invite your feedback and comment. A revised draft will be published on or around the 19th August.

You can visit the consultation area by using this link:

Consultation on functional requirements for Information Management (including MIS)