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MIS Systems Thread, SIMS June 2009 Main Release - Delay in Technical; Originally Posted by wesleyw @EduTech: You'll need the SQL Server Instance running otherwise it won't be able to apply to ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by wesleyw View Post
    @EduTech: You'll need the SQL Server Instance running otherwise it won't be able to apply to changes to the database that runs inside the instance.

    A few years back removing the network cable actually stopped the upgrade from performing (Strangely you could plug it into a switch that wasn't conencted to anything else so the network would look like it's there but without anyone being able to access it!)

    With regards to the SQL Instance, I gathered that would not work but someone else said that would also get round the issue. i know not to take that kind of advice again ;-) (mentioning no names)

    As for Removing the Network Cable, i was unaware this would stop the upgrade thankfully the little app i was provided with by our SMIS team did the trick so i did not find this out. so thanks for clearing that up.

    At least it will be fixed in the next release.

    Cheers Wes


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    I have to say that I backup SQL and then restart the SQL instance before I apply any patches or upgrades.

    This removes all of the users attached to the DB nicely and allows for a nice clean upgrade.

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