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MIS Systems Thread, Sims Upgrades in Technical; Is anyone using sims and software restriction policy with levels set to disallowed? Once a teacher logs on and clicks ...
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    Sims Upgrades

    Is anyone using sims and software restriction policy with levels set to disallowed? Once a teacher logs on and clicks on the sims icon it naturally goes off looking to see if the server has been updated. I had to create 3 path rules in software restriction policies pointing to the server for

    SIMSAmparkSetup.exe, SIMSApplicationSetup.exe and SIMSManulaSetup.exe the upgrade seems to take place and ends up at the logon dialogue box but no upgrade has taken place.

    What else needs to be "allowed" in software restrictions to allow the end user to upgrade?

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    They'll need proper access to the SIMS folder on the local machine as well.


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    Have you tried running simsperm.bat to ensure permissions are set correctly?

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    Why not just allow all programs in the SIMS\Setups folder ? Or if not, have a look through this folder, and allow everything in there individually.
    There's also the SIMSLoad.exe (as located in the shortcut).

    Actually, the best thing to do (after asking us, of course) is to go and ask Capita directly, they have a forum too.

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    Our network dept have set full access on the contents of the SIMS program folder, as it's needed to let the updates go through properly - if the rest of the environment is carefully managed this shouldn't cause you too many problems!

    It is definitely worth signing up to SupportNet though - it's free - as you can search various KB and previous solution entries; also, you get more SIMS-focussed advice from other users, and a large number of Capita staff too.

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