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    New Serco CMIS/Eportal Build for Birmingham Schools

    Oh no!!

    Service Birmingham have released a new update for CMIS and Eportal for schools to run the summer 2009 census. This is for schools in the Birmingham Region.

    The upgrade must be run before Thursday 21 May 2009.

    The software and documentation for downloading and performing the upgrade is available at: CMIS -.

    A successful upgrade updates the builds as follows:
    · Facility Admin to 09.1.12
    · Facility ePortal to 09.1.12
    · Facility Scheduler to 09.1.12

    Has anyone run the upgrade? has it broken anything yet. Have all Birmingham schools done the upgrade to SQL2005 from 2000?

    Answers on a postcard...

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    I'm not Birmingham so cannot comment if Brummy have crippled Serco for you but as a Serco school on my own we ran it and have had no major dilemmas and its much quicker than the Jan release was so very pleased with it.
    Minor niggles:
    E-portal - Registration it doesn't like lowercase letter o for an abscence code it must be a capital O for it. Seems to be a few other letters so use capitals for them and all seems good
    E-portal - Student Events - if you use them and your staff all contribute so those designated as Teachers and non-teachers on there record in Serco, if this is the case you need to modify the option in Serco in the event definition to allow All Staff to enter events against students and not just teachers (which this release sets it to)
    Admin - attendance by roll call screen gets the odd green box on it, don't worry its a minor bug its not hiding / taking anything away it works fine still its just a glitch but doesn't break anything just gives you a green cell

    Other than those, very minor bugs its been good for us.

    Don't forget to run the SQL cleanup script thingy to sort your Student Events out to boost Eportal performance.

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    ranj (12th May 2009)

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    Here we go again!

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    Hi all,

    You're right about the events thing.
    The way they work is if the field in the event definition is set to staff it will show all staff. If it is set to teacher it will only show teachers.

    The last version would always enter the currently logged in member of staff. Even if that staff wasn't a teacher and the field type was of teacher. This was picked up as a bug whilst resolving another issue - the name in this section of eportal was displayed differently to the rest of eportal, eg. instead of saying 'm sanderson', it read 'sanderson, m'.

    Now this is resolved, the way to fix the issue if you want none teaching staff to be able to log their own name, is to change the field type from teacher to staff in the event definition. Please take a full backup first.

    Mic in the tech team @ Serco.

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    We updated yesterday and from what i've gathered everything has been ok! E-Portal is much faster on the Admin view now also

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