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MIS Systems Thread, SIMS.net AD Provisioning - Basics in Technical; Afternoon All, A rookie question as we're beginning to look at moving to SLG here. I've read some basic information ...
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    SIMS.net AD Provisioning - Basics

    Afternoon All,

    A rookie question as we're beginning to look at moving to SLG here.

    I've read some basic information of ADP, and a few threads on EG, and would just like to make sure I've got my facts right.

    As I (haphazardly) understand it:
    You need to have a server running ADP so that parents etc. can access the SLG (since it's just SharePoint after all). The accounts created in AD by ADP can be totally separate to the standard network, e.g. those users can be set not to have logon rights to the network. You can choose to have ADP link to existing network accounts so that you have a SSO-type effect, but then ADP would update fields in your normal AD users. What if I want staff to use their normal logons for SLG (ergo MOSS), but NOT have ADP hijack my AD structure?

    With the exception of parents (the only group who aren't in AD), can't we just say "this SIMS.net user equals this (non-ADP hijacked) AD account"?

    Friday afternoon headache being caused by all this.

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    I think, you can either auto recreate user accounts from SIMS, or use your AD (or use your SIMS db)

    I'll wait for someone to correct me now.

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    I have also been looking into SLG and have had a post-installation meeting and I am afraid all is not brilliant with ADP.

    A user has to be created using the ADP tool which is written to an ADP database. The ADP database is used to control access using security on the SLG. You can consolidate the SIMS AD user and the Network AD User through a site BUT it is on a per user basis.

    You can link SIMS User to AD user but this is for single user login into SIMS using Network AD User.

    We have opted to create a user ST(for staff) JBloggs (Username) = STJbloggs using ADP tool which we will consolidate with current network user JBloggs. We will issue instructions to users so they consolidate.

    Only accounts we will not consolidate is parents as they do not have accounts!!

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