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MIS Systems Thread, No access to any database on SQL server in Technical; Yesterday we lost the power to our server room, since then our SIMS/FMS server will not allow anyone to use ...
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    No access to any database on SQL server

    Yesterday we lost the power to our server room, since then our SIMS/FMS server will not allow anyone to use either program. The original problem was:

    Whenever anyone tried to log into FMS the software would allow them to type their username and password but when they clicked on OK the FMS screen would jump up and then disappear again. We logged a support call with Capita and they remoted in and did a few things, but didn't fix the problem.

    Now no database on the server (we have SIMS, 5 FMS's and Vericool) can be opened, it just always gets flagged as suspect.

    Anyone got any ideas?? All the databases except FMS were working before capita remoted in!

    Would the easiest thing be to restore the databases to the nearest working backup (wednesday)?

    EDIT: Just found out that the only databases being flagged as suspect are SIMS, Vericool and our FMS Infant database
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    If your using SQL Server 2005 .... CodeProject: How to Restore SQL Server 2005 Suspect Database. Free source code and programming help

    I had this problem with my personal sql server DB's ... this fixed it .. hopefully it does for you too!


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    Its not in single user mode is it?

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