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MIS Systems Thread, Transfer Nova T4 data? in Technical; I have a user who is still using the above for timetabling , even though we are now a CMIS ...
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    Transfer Nova T4 data?

    I have a user who is still using the above for timetabling , even though we are now a CMIS shop - we have kept the old SIMS.net server running as CMIS was running on it. However we have now transferred CMIS to a new server, and want to shut the old one down. (The user has promised to learn CMIS Scheduler for next year, but wants to use Nova-T for one more year.)

    I have installed Nova-T4 standalone onto another PC, but, the question is, how do I do a final transfer of the SIMS data to this standalone version?

    Cheers, Andy E.

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    Good luck... Capita doesn't support Nova-T4 timetables!

    Have you got the manual?

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    I'm presuming you've set up a 'satellite' station for T4 and T6...

    In that case, copy the whole of the SNOVA directory from the server (apart from the NOVAT directory) over to the standalone machine' local counterpart directory. That will do the trick. When you open T4 on the satellite station, it will ask you if you want to load local or server data. Just choose the local option.

    This will then run as a separate entity from the T4 data on the server. You might wanna SQL Link with T6 though first as Matt40k pointed out, you shouldn't be using T4 for timetabling anymore, and it unsupported by Capita

    The 'satellite' install does install a standalone T6 for you too tho...

    Good luck.


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