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MIS Systems Thread, Starting a new Facility CMIS Timetable in June in Technical; Originally Posted by jmc Here in Birmingham, we did start with the idea of starting the new dataset early. This ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jmc View Post
    Here in Birmingham, we did start with the idea of starting the new dataset early. This would be the neatest solution as it actually reflects the reality of what was happening in a school. If, indeed, it is possible, this would be good news all round.

    However, we dismissed this solution because of complications with stats in general and Census in particular. I can't remember all of the details but I'm sure that there were problems with attendance and exclusions. In particular, as I understand it, the Autumn census reports on all exclusions from the Summer term and an early end to the dataset might affect this number.

    There maybe other subtle issues. For instance, if there's a sixth form, I'm not sure how QAMS will be affected.
    All of these are certainly valid issues. I guess all I will be able to do is present the Headteacher with options. Any clarification on any of these issues would certainly be appreciated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NickBuckel View Post
    OK, we've checked the week ranges issue and that should been resolved in v08.2. So there should be no problem in cover using different week ranges.
    No, it's not fixed in the latest release as far as we can see. See case 5527-7465393 for the issues we're having. We've also had this proposed to us from your end: "If it's acceptable to the school, the most obvious workaround would be to delete the cover rota structure altogether, as the list views do take week ranges into account." - the list views don't take this it account (to the best of our knowledge) in respect of seeing staff who are free and who are not. We've got staff who had events in week 1, that no longer happen in this week, they are coming up as teaching as far as cover is concerned.


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