Hi guys,

This is driving me nuts, and Capita want to charge me a half-day's consultancy to look at it, so any advice greatly appreciated...

We recently had the SIMS Learning Gateway installed at our place. I'm quite liking it too - does everything we'd hoped for.

However, I cannot for the life of me get remote access working through ISA 2006. I have a Sharepoint publishing rule for SLG, which tests ok, but when I access the site remotely I get the following:

- ISA logon screen (which is right)
- After putting in a username and password, I get the SLG home page (which is right)
- Clicking any link to any SLG page gives me the typically unhelpful 'An unexpected errors has occurred' message.

Now, internally this works fine, so I'm guessing this might be something to do with link translation, or alternate accessing mappings?

ISA just makes my brain hurt, so I'm struggling to get my head round this...

Any suggestions?