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MIS Systems Thread, Serco Facility Experiences!? in Technical; Originally Posted by Nick_Young Hello all! We are looking to implement Serco Facility et al and I wanted to know ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick_Young View Post
    Hello all!

    We are looking to implement Serco Facility et al and I wanted to know what experiences everyone has encountered???

    I understand that support used to be quite ropey, has this really improved in the past 12 months?

    Thanks guys
    What I said before still applies
    Anyone using SERCO ?

    Also, we tend to lag behind on the updates, so avoiding the problems those who have leapt straight in have sometimes had. When our Data Manager needs the latest version to do the census I install it on a standalone machine for him. We really should be able to apply uogrades with confidence, though. Serco need a better testing regime.

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    Hi there,

    We all agree and we're testing methods with greater load testing ability is something we're implementing at the moment. Proof is in the pudding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpuffMonkey View Post
    We still haven't implemented the upgrade - but are due to next week - can anyone tell me whether its holding together OK now - or are there still "issues"

    I am led to believe that the latest fixes do help but some of the issues with ePortal have workarounds rather than fixes at the moment.

    We are waiting a little longer to see if some more enhancments come out.

    We have done the census on a standalone, we have also updated the standalone with the patches and it has improved the cover load speed but not to a really acceptable level for our school yet. The ePortal patch has not made a great deal of difference on the standalone but i would not know what it is like on a server.

    So going to wait a little longer here

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    you may be in for a long time, we have one outstanding bug thats been in the system for 2 years

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