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    Staff Absence Tracking Tool/Software

    Hopefully Iíve put this in the right section; if not could somebody please place it in the right one.
    We currently use Sims.net and the personnel 7 module to run a report off which tells us:
    • Staff Name
      Absence Start Date
      Absence End Date
      Amount of Working Days Off
      Reason of Absence
      Type of Absence

    However I have a member of the SLT team who wants us to find/create a piece of software which will automatically show patterns of absence by just looking at a print out (they want it to look like a print out from the attendance module in Sims). I've said that this isn't possible unless you create it manually in a excel spreadsheet and make cells go red for absence and green for present.
    So my question to you guys is this: Do you know of anything that does what they have requested or can you think of any other way to get what they want? If I could import our data into it then this would be fantastic.

    PS: Also if you could tell me what you use to do this so I can take this to SLT and show them that we are using what everyone else is using.

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    Go on a reporting course\ask your LEA to design a report. Shouldn't be too hard. Time consuming yes.

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    should be able to set up scheduled reports in sims to do this!

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