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MIS Systems Thread, 'Reason' error codes in Technical; Does anyone know what the different error codes mean in SIMS when you cannot log on? I am getting 'reason ...
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    'Reason' error codes

    Does anyone know what the different error codes mean in SIMS when you cannot log on?

    I am getting 'reason 0' but cannot seem to find what it actually means! I have also come across 'reason 3' and 'reason 5' before, too.

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    Heh - last time I tried to look up a SIMS error code it came up as "not known" or something equally as unhelpful.

    I had the "0" recently on a teacher's laptop - it was a new machine that had just been imaged, and I think the problem was that (on our system, anyway) SIMS looks for a connect.ini file on first use that is not in the default location (the C: drive) but is on the SIMS network drive. The teacher probably just pressed "OK" and that messed up the program.

    I uninstalled/reinstalled SIMS and went in and pointed it at the correct file and it all seemed to work.

    Of course, your problem may be something completely different!

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    Usually the error messages are accompanied with a little more text than just "Reason 0" for instance "SIMS Connection failed Reason 0" in the Websupport search searching for SIMS Connection failed Reason will let you see solutions for Reasons 1- 7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt40k View Post
    As for reason 0; see Capita KB72254.
    from the following thread :

    SIMS at Home

    I had the problem recently, once it was fixed by the sims.ini file as mentioned in above thread.

    Also, had it again with a user who had changed their password but it hadn't saved the change and the account got somehow corrupted. I just removed them from system manager and then readded them. then reapplied the relevent roles / permissions. This seemed to kickstart the account again.

    Hopefully one of those many solutions will sort you out.

    It would be nice if there was a simple reason / error lookup function on the Capita website. Or even better under the documentation panel in SIMS, so the SIMS manager / resident expert has access through the homepage.

    I'll mention it to them at the independent schools forum next month.

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    As has been said, Reason 0 is to do either with the password, but normally the database connection.

    The easiest way I have found is to re0install Sims. Uninsatll from Control Panel, then go to c:\Program Files and delete the SIMS Folder.

    Then re-install the Sims software and it check again.

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    with connection error 0 I have found this is a problem with the connect.ini looking at the wrong location.

    Delete the local connect.ini and then try to acess sims. This will ask to confirm location and then attach direct to the named server.

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