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MIS Systems Thread, SIMS Costs in Technical; Does anyone have some rough pricing on the cost of implementing the SIMS software and SLG please? Already got MOSS ...
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    SIMS Costs

    Does anyone have some rough pricing on the cost of implementing the SIMS software and SLG please?

    Already got MOSS and the 2 servers priced up, and we already have the licensing for SQL2k5.

    Interested in rough costs for:
    The SIMS.net software itself.
    The SLG webparts.
    Capita's price for implementation.
    Annual support costs (direct from Capita, not LA).
    ...anything else I've forgotten!

    We have around 1200 students, 120 staff.


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    Not sure for most of it but have heard a figure of £9,500 for the SLG Alone!

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    These are a few months old and out of date, plus include some discount but will give you a rough idea. We already have SIMS installed and will provide sharepoint servers and licensing ourselves.


    In perpetuity SIMS.net Web Parts - Core Package 1 = £1000
    In perpetuity SIMS Account Provisioning = £495
    SIMS application tier software licence = £1995
    In perpetuity SIMS Web Parts - Profiles for Teachers = £295

    Extra Costs - some of which are optional:

    Solution Design = £295
    Technical Installation = £1850
    Training = £925
    Project Management = £925
    Contingency = £925
    Additional Training Day = £925

    Annual Maintenance:

    Web Parts - Core Package 1 = £495
    SIMS Account Provisioning = £195
    Web Parts - Profiles for Teachers = £145

    Just bear in mind those were prices based on our independent international school, and will likely differ for you. Contact them direct for a personal quote and then you can haggle a bit too.

    It's in the right ball park though, so you're looking at several thousand pounds easily but then year on year relatively low maintenance.

    Apparently they have to do the installation of the webparts etc. even if you already have sharepoint else they wont support it.

    We are hoping to make some progress soon, just trying to track down if we paid for it yet or not. Then need to start planning from scratch... ARGH!!

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