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MIS Systems Thread, ePortal Assessment Entry in Technical; I find the assessment screen in ePortal an absolute nightmare to work with. I don't know about how well it's ...
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    ePortal Assessment Entry

    I find the assessment screen in ePortal an absolute nightmare to work with.

    I don't know about how well it's been implemented here and I'm going to be looking into that, but at present markbooks have upwards of 40 columns (4-6 criteria each evaluated a 5-10 times a year) plus end of semester columns - well you get the drift.

    And no, I'm afraid we can't split the markbook into different semesters because some grades are carried on from one semester to the next. And sometimes we don't know quite how far we're going to get - we have an idea but you know how things get in the way, so the markbook has been set up to allow for a whole year's assessment in one screen.

    Then there's the issue of entering the data - click on a box, click again because you didn't click in quite the right place, enter your result, click in next student, wait for screen to jump about resizing column because drop down list has disappeared, then resize because new drop down list has appeared, oh no it hasn't you clicked in the wrong place, click again, ok got it, wait for it to stop jumping about, enter grade with keyboard. And repeat, many many many many times.

    Has anyone got any ideas or solutions for making this more user friendly?

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    I think, in the new release due 15th Dec, there is a feature to freeze headings. This may help a bit!


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