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MIS Systems Thread, Cover/Timetabled Class Clashes in Technical; Last week we had to suspend a whole year group as they were out on a trip and for the ...
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    Cover/Timetabled Class Clashes

    Last week we had to suspend a whole year group as they were out on a trip and for the purpose of cover for other classes it was decided that would use the staff that would have been teaching the suspended year first.

    When our cover manager covered a period with a member of staff that should have been teaching, both the original suspended period and the cover period appear on the homepage of that member of staff. When you right click on period you get the choice of which register to take but at no point does it tell you what room the cover lesson is in (see attachment)

    Converstation has been going backwards and forwards to Capita for a last few days but they seem to be missing the point of "we need to know what room the lesson is in...."

    I can replicate this in both 7.110 and 7.112

    Has anybody come across this before?
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