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MIS Systems Thread, FMS backup question in Technical; Our SQL server has decided to take a massive dump today. The raid is gone, the SCSI card is kaput ...
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    FMS backup question

    Our SQL server has decided to take a massive dump today. The raid is gone, the SCSI card is kaput and our backups have apparently been quite happily creating garbage backup files for the past 4 days.

    Going back to the most recent backup, the full server backup, (bkf) file is corrupted. We do have the latest sims db backup (created using dbattach),
    and were wondering if we rebuilt the server, reinstalled sql + sims, and FMS, if copying back and reattaching the lastest sims db backup would be enough.

    We were migrated to SQL FMS a few months ago.

    Does the backup created using dbattach, backup the FMS information as well?

    Also, if someone could point me towards some SIMS install documents, that would be really appreciated.

    Thank you

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    The fms data is held in a separate sql database usually called ccsfms, so if your dbattach backup was just backing up the sims database then no you won't have the fms data.

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    You will also need the backups to match i.e. the backup for sim db and fms db should be at the same time or there will be sync issues (so i have been told).

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