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MIS Systems Thread, SIMS and P.E. Groups...How do you cope? in Technical; Hi, We are using a bolt on to SIMS.Net called TEAM to deal with Attendance, Reports and Progress checks. We ...
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    SIMS and P.E. Groups...How do you cope?


    We are using a bolt on to SIMS.Net called TEAM to deal with Attendance, Reports and Progress checks.
    We are currently in the middle of a massive progress checks cycle, and have had to deal with the fun of P.E. groups/rotations.

    The classes in SIMS.net are setup on the timetable as mixed gender groups (quite why I don't know) and this then means we have to sort out PE especially for attendance, but that is working okay. The biggest headaches come with Progress checks since the classes don't match up with the teachers since the students get put in different groups. This is especially true when they come to rotatations since the kids all move around to different teachers and groups again...(groan).

    At the moment, it appears that the school is pandering to the needs of the P.E. department in terms of classes, and this then gives so many headaches it is unreal! How do other schools deal with PE groups in SIMS.net for easy reporting?


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    Here we just get a list of who the PE department are actually teaching and modify the class list on SIMS so it reflects who they have in their groups.

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    They were having similar issues with sets within PE at our school, but I couldn't understand why, and they never answered me.

    If they all have PE at the same time, the boys all get changed in the same changing room, that's when they get registered, (same for the girls, but in the girls changing room...). Right ?

    If necessary with SIMS, you can have multiple teachers teaching a lesson at the same time, you just have to pick a "lead" teacher (actually I don't know the exact term), and then make it their responsibility to get the reports done. I see no problem..

    I told the support assistant this (a while back), and she never came back to me, so it either works, or they figured something else out..

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    Yeah there are problems here as well, though I can't be more specific as we don't handle SIMS. We just get all their griping or confusion about kids being in different groups or reports/assesment lists being slight hinky.

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    In terms of marksheets, I have taught the PE department to use filters.

    Sometimes they do teach in the groups specified on SIMS, but for outdoor sports they generally teach a population split by gender. So they have 4 pre-defined filters:

    Population A Boys
    Population B Boys
    Population A Girls
    Population B Girls

    These filters are used on a marksheet for the whole year group.

    One thing that does annoy me for the filters is that you cannot actually select "population" or "band" as a filter category. You can get the same effect by selecting the 4/5 PE groups in each population, but it would be nice to be able to select population as a discrete category.

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