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MIS Systems Thread, repairing SQL in Technical; Following a rebuild of the OS drive on our SQL server SQL is refusing to start. The data is held ...
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    repairing SQL

    Following a rebuild of the OS drive on our SQL server SQL is refusing to start. The data is held on another drive and is undamaged (in fact we have restored it to a temp server to keep things running) Can anyone advise me of the best way to rebuild SQL. Should I try running the repair options from the command line or should I just reinstall SQL and recreate the instance. Although not a complete novice I've never had to do much with the SQL apart from install it so any help would be welcome

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    Easiest way is on your rebuilt server, set SIMS up from scratch with a blank database. run the upgrades to get it at the same version as your old one. On your old/temp server, run DB attach and detach your SIMS database (same for FMS if you have it on their too). Take the file and run dbattach on your new server to attach your SIMS database. Might have to run it twice if you get errors.

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