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MIS Systems Thread, Bromcom overheads in Technical; Can anyone using Bromcom or similar give me a rough estimate of how much time they spend on technical support ...
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    Bromcom overheads

    Can anyone using Bromcom or similar give me a rough estimate of how much time they spend on technical support for it? Also if possible how much admin time is spent on it.



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    Re: Bromcom overheads

    We spend very little time on it. There is the occasional Winfolder problem (Generally because it forgets the IP address of the server) and of course Winfolder needs to be installed. As for admin time, aside from creating new users and folders, none whatsoever. Bromcom do all of that for us.

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    Re: Bromcom overheads

    Our attendance officer spends more time dealing with Bromcom than we do - from a systems point of view I don't recollect there having been too many problems. The only classic one being that running Bromcom can cause large logfiles in Sims (an earlier, panicking post from around the 10th March would confirm that!).

    Other than that, apart from Winfolder installations, it's barely any time from our point of view.

    One thing I will add is that for those who are running Bromcom now, over the summer some of the codes are changing, and this will require a reinstallation of Winfolder onto every machine (from what I understand)... that'll create some overhead for us.

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    Re: Bromcom overheads

    Well I can't possibly excuse my tardy response, almost a year Not the usual calibre of response time I expect from our Helpdesk.
    Norphy, your Winfolder comment got me thinking as it is possible for the system to be installed and configured in such a way that you all run from a shared locale.
    That would probably cut down the installation configuration time at your school significantly.

    Otherwise I have registered here in case any of you have any more technical support style questions about the Bromcom suite of products that I can endeavour to answer for you.

    John Condon
    Senior Tech Analyst
    Helpdesk Co-ordinator
    Bromcom Computers

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