I am trying to get commandreporter working, most of it seems fairly straightforward. However I am getting stuck passing parameters of the "list" type.

<?xml version ='1.0' encoding= 'utf-8'?><ReportParameters><Parameter id="Ak0KaiTHKbGIT+YsEItonw==" subreportfilter="False" bypass="False"><Values>
<Id>Year 9</Id>
<Description>Year 9</Description>
</Values></Parameter><Parameter id="co0nmZ0kHRxMAvURJEgOTA==" subreportfilter="True"><Values><Date>2008-10-01T11:08:18</Date></Values></Parameter></ReportParameters>

This is my parameter definition file, but the first parameter won't work. I f I try this I get no results. If I set bypass = true I get results for all year groups, but I would like to be able to filter this. Can anyone help?