We are having a problem with junk characters in exported behaviour report cards.

Our attendance office generate HTML pages to email to the parents of naughty children using SIMS own export function. Only half of that procedure works. Once they click on 'Send page as Email...' in IE7 the Outlook window they get is full of junk A-with-a-tilde characters in every blank field in the tables generated by SIMS. Of course, if it's saved as a .htm file and then opened in Outlook, it's fine. So it's definately the 'live' output from SIMS that is clashing in some way with the HTML encoding in Outlook.

We have XP Pro SP3, Office 2003 and IE7 on these Stone 08 machines. We have installed the September update of SIMS. The one person in the office who isn't having the problem is using SP2. Obviously, we'd rather it work than have to roll back SP3, and we can't think of why it should make any difference anyway. Any ideas?