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MIS Systems Thread, SIMS Effective Date in Technical; Hoping somebody can help me, I need to extract Pupil and Teacher information from next years timetable/dataset (08/09) but SIMS ...
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    SIMS Effective Date

    Hoping somebody can help me, I need to extract Pupil and Teacher information from next years timetable/dataset (08/09) but SIMS is currently working in (07/08) this academic year.

    Is it possible to set one workstation to work from next years data set without effecting other workstations?

    Im more of a CMIS person and i know it can be done in CMIS, is it possible in SIMS?

    Main problem is that i cant set an effective data when i run the report?
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    You can set an effective date.

    When you're designing the report on the left hand side where it says Report Summary, click this and set it to "supply effective date at run time".

    I know it works as I just ran a report on student (forms/houses) etc for next year and they are correctly shown in Vertical format (new to the school).


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    Providing the inforamtion is in the next curriculum year in SIMS the above should work. Do you know if your new timetable has been transfered from NOVA-T yet?

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