Just in case some of you use Ecopy with sims this might be nice to know.

Well we have an E-copy photocopier.. dont know of any of you have these.

basically it gives us the option to also scan Docs to Sims.

well it uses a connector.. Since the May update this has not been working with the old sims connector.

We only actually found this out as we just done the June update and used this option for the first time..

Anyway basically if you get an error when trying to do this - *Could not load connector library*

You need to install the new connector which you can get from here (download)

Install the new connector on the E-copy machine but be the instructions that you are given aint very good.

When it says "make a print screen of the license" it means take a print screen of the connector license.. The part that contacts the access to sims credentials.. Serial Number etc.

Hope that helps anyone who has one

If you need Any help let me know as we have fixed ours now


This is out one i believe link but should count for all Toshiba E-copy Photocopiers