The teachers here are in the middle of completing their reports for Year 7 which is due this coming Friday (4th).
The languages department, however, is experiencing a problem in that each of their teachers is seeing the wrong class, i.e. not the one they currently teach.

The class they teach is correct in Nova-T and this timetabled class is correctly reflected in SIMS .Net, however Profiles and Assessment Manager shows a different class.
The only thing that would have had an effect is that Languages changed their classes just after Christmas. Teachers swapped classes. This was changed in the right places and, as specified, this is reflected in the timetable. This change doesn't seem to have happened in Profiles or Assessment Manager, though. Does this have to happen manually or should it be done automatically.

So, this is what we have:
  • The timetable shows the correct class that is currently taught.
  • The change was made after Christmas '07.
  • Profiles and Assessment Manager shows the class that was originally taught and does NOT reflect the change made.

So how do we give these teachers the classes they currently teach so they can complete their reports?

Please help!