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MIS Systems Thread, SIMS workstation snot updating in Technical; Sorry for posting another SIMS question. Why do some workstations not update when we apply our server upgrades. I have ...
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    SIMS workstation snot updating

    Sorry for posting another SIMS question.

    Why do some workstations not update when we apply our server upgrades.

    I have been told it might me to do with permissions on the local directory, is this correct?

    Many thanks

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    Depends whether you get an error or not?

    If no error (IE, it opens the old version without even trying to do the upgrade) it suggests the shortcut is pointing straight to pulsar.exe rather simsload.exe THEN pulsar.exe

    If you get an error, we may be able to diagnose further with it.


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    It's nearly always a permissions issue (though if you're missing certain components, it'll also fail).

    There should be a script called simsperm.bat in your SIMS setups folder. This can be run:

    simsperm domain\usergroup
    Where usergroup contains all the people who use SIMS. This should change the permissions so the updates work. We put it in the start-up scripts for all SIMS machines.

    The files/folders to look at are:

    %windir&\OMRConfig.ini <---- for machines that read in OMR sheets
    %programfiles%\SIMS\SIMS .net

    NB: if you have any SIMS addons, you may need to discover where they write config files. We use PARS, so we set permissions on the PARS directory in the same script.

    However, the installer will fail (and then subsequently not work properly) if a non-sims user tries to run SIMS.

  4. Thanks to pete from:

    peteraseddon (8th September 2009)

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