This was my solution to the problem the important bit is step 5 it wont work if you just restor the database using dbattach. you need to run dbattach /RESTOREUI.

3. Install using the default installation guide as included on the cd.
4. When setting up set the sysman password to the default sysman password ( This is important as without it you will not be able to log in to sims.
5. Restore a copy of the database from the live Sims System running on CS1. To restore the database first unzip the backup file (using winrar) and make a note of the location of the files. Open a command prompt and navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Binn Once in the Binn folder Type DBAttach /RESTOREUI and press Enter.
Within the DBAttach interface that has opened select the bottom restore option and browse to the Backup files that were unziped . Restore the file.
6. ReBoot the laptop.
7. Loginto using the sysman username and password that were created in step 4 and edit the location of the Document server to point at the local install of
8. Copy the contents of the Doc server from CS1 to the Local install of to allow all reporting to function properly.
9. Navigate to your normal username from within – System manager and change your password . then Log off
10. Log on to with your normal username

Glad you got sorted