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    Thumbs up New CMIS Server

    I have been given a budget for a new CMIS Server at around £1200.

    Any ideas where I can get a half decent server for that price?

    4GB memory would be ideal.

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    when you say CMIS server.

    Do you mean running the CMIS Executables, SQL Database or Facility.

    I would not run all 3 of these services on the same machine, unless you are a small school.

    £1200 should be a fast server/PC for running Eportal 4Gb Ram and Dual/Quad Core.

    It may not be enough to buy a new SQL server though.

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    I run all those and e-portal and a xeon Dual core 2GB RAM.

    Were a primary with 500 on roll

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    You should try and get a higher spec machine and run it all on one than have two lower spec machine and split it. Make sure you don't forget about disks. As long as you have SCSI 320 or equiviliant in RAID (5 preferably) you'll be fine. If you want our minimum spec, it can be aqcuired through support, they'll happily email you it. It is also available on the website. If you can't afford something which meets the spec, split them down the middle as monkeyx suggested and put ePortal on one on it's own.

    For the size of your school i'm sure you'll be ok with 1200 to spend and them both on the same box.

    Michael Sanderson
    Technical Engineer
    Serco Learning

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