Have an annoying problem with Sims .Net permissions. I need to give staff read access to all marksheets but would like to restrict them from making any changes. Now you would think that you just give them the 'view' access right and make sure the 'Update(all)' access right is not applied. Thats what i tought but all that does is allow them to see all marksheets (good.. it works so far i thought), and now to test write permission. Selected a cell, press F4, edited comment, updated and now lets see if we can save. Oh look the save button is not there but hang on if you close the marksheet you get the 'Do you want to keep changes?' dialog, you click yes and changes are updated on the server. Basically the view access right gives write access and only takes away the save and cancel button.

How annoying is that. By the way this may have been sorted out in the march release but as i have not applied it yet, i dont know if this has been fixed.