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MIS Systems Thread, pars - crashing in Technical; We recently upgraded pars - to the new interface etc. But i dont know if anyone else is getting the ...
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    pars - crashing

    We recently upgraded pars - to the new interface etc. But i dont know if anyone else is getting the same problem, when you add stars and strikes its very slow and it seems to lock up the program and sometime crashes

    does anyone know a fix or what may be causing this, im under alot of pressure to find out and sort it

    thanks guys

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    stars and strikes


    Do you mean merits and demerits in behaviour?

    Not sure really what the error is and can't find a log on our helpdesk database to check it. If you give the guys in the office they will sort it straight away.

    If you have any queries - please can you call the support as we don't always look at this forum as we can deal with it straight away.

    Many thanks

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