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MIS Systems Thread, Capita get into bed with Uniservity in Technical; Having read the wording of the press release I was assuming that this would essentially be Capita Web Parts working ...
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    Will it be SIMS Learning Gateway Web parts?

    Having read the wording of the press release I was assuming that this would essentially be Capita Web Parts working in UniServity rather than IMS or SIF transport and Uniservity interfaces to Assessment Manager and Lesson Monitor?

    Although I thought Capita took a decision not to licence web parts to Learning Platform suppliers for potential escalating support reasons?

    If it's a SLG Sharepoint Portal solution with Capita and UniServity Webparts then I guess a lot of the agreement may centre around Active Directory provisioning, structure and management. Any VLE that has web parts could work alongside SIMS Learning Gateway webparts but there would have to be some other form of logic to get the data to mix in a proper interoperability fashion.

    SIF zones are surely the way ahead for this, not the IMS point to point route We all await the Becta/DCSF decision. Maybe it will arrive in time for the SIF Quarterly meeting who knows? Becta might.

    Where does this partnership leave the SIMS Learning Platform aka Learnwise?

    Lets not forget there are several Learning Platform vendors working towards Capita SQL read/write partnerships via business objects. The list is here but there are companies who are progressing this but not on the list yet.

    SQL Technical Partners - Capita Education Services

    It's going to be an interesting 12 months......

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    Whats the point of getting a VLE into school when i assume the ultimate goal is to integrate into your pupil DB. If all of this has not been sorted out yet then why the deadline (which is what i have been told) i think is 2009/10 for all schools to have a VLE?

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