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MIS Systems Thread, Strange Login Problems in Technical; Our LEA migrated our database over to a new server last week. Ever since our users are getting strange logon ...
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    Strange Login Problems

    Our LEA migrated our database over to a new server last week. Ever since our users are getting strange logon behaviour. Sometimes they get a login failure reason 0. The only way to get these users back on the system is to make them inactive re-add them and change name and password. They then can login for a day or two but the problem comes back.

    The LEA aren't giving us any reasons why this is happening but say the database was corrupted due to some users trying to access it while the migration was done. They have even restored it to when the crisis began but to no avail.

    Anyone had similar problems?

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    Have you tried Capita solution?
    KB72254 - SIMS Connection failed for Login USERNAME reason: 0 - When logging into SIMS .net after running August 2007 upgrade.

    Created 07/08/2007
    Last Updated 03/03/2008

    Affected Products SIMS .net Setup & Permissions
    SIMS .net Installation & Upgrade

    Notes When logging into SIMS .net
    SIMS Connection failed for Login USERNAME reason: 0
    This will only occur if you are on August 2007 or later version of SIMS .net

    Advice Fix 1

    The machine may be pointing to a incorrect networked Connect.ini file and therefore cannot see any SQL Server or Database. Delete the Connect.ini from e.g. C:\Program files\SIMS\SIMS .net and then run SIMS .net and select the correct Connect.ini from e.g. S:\SIMS or alternatively create a local connect.ini and enter the correct SQL Server and Database name.

    Fix 2
    Stop and Restart SQL Server

    Fix 3

    The error can also be an indication that the upgrade has been run, but has been unsuccessful.

    Please check the version of SIMSSQLApplicationsetup.exe in the setups folder is 1.558.12 (for August 2007 release) or 1.0560 (for September 2007 release) then run this to upgrade to version of DBupgrade which should be

    Then run Dbupgrade.exe manually from e.g. D:\Program files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Binn

    The list of upgrade files will be shown or there may be a message about a User already logged in. If Users are detected, a Force All will need to be run to exit the Users out of SIMS to allow the upgrade to commence (requiring the SA logon credentials). This Force All option will appear automatically if Users are detected as being logged in.

    Fix 4

    If fix 3 does not resolve the issue please run SIMSApplicationsetup.exe from the setups folder

    Fix 5

    If the error still occurs and you installed SQL 2005, but not via one of our installers then please follow KB71936

    Fix 6

    This error can also be caused by a corrupt user in the users table. If all other users can login to the system OK please re-create the user that is getting reason 0

    Fix 7

    Please reboot the server and try logging in to SIMS.net

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