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MIS Systems Thread, Individual reports for students in SIMS in Technical; Can I design a report that will print for just one student? Can I add a link to this report ...
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    Individual reports for students in SIMS

    Can I design a report that will print for just one student?
    Can I add a link to this report to the "links" section on the left of each screen that shows user details so that when I click the report a word document is launched with the details of the report in it?

    I've tried but I don't seem to be able to limit the report to just one student.


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    A report that is called from a student record is filtered to apply for just that pupil. The "links" section does not apply a filter.
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    Not sure what type of report you want.

    You can setup a report from the reporting menu using any number of criteria. You can also force this to one student by putting in conditions suchas 'year = 10' and 'surname begins with ...' These tend to need running on the fly.

    Alternatively and this is what i think you're after you can produce reports from within profiles and assessment manager. I'm most familiar with Individual Reports from Assessment Manager.

    With that you can set up a Word document to whatever format you like, pull in any number of values (grades, marks, comments, exam results) alongside other fixed tables / text. You can even graph the returned results.

    These can be run against the whole school, year group, form group, class group or any other custom group defined. When you run these you could choose a single student or any number from the chosen group.

    These can be run live so the data is constantly updated. You can also send to a network share, print or export to the document management server (DMS). All of the latter three are static once generated.

    To do what you describe i would send to the DMS and then when you bring up a students record from the panel on the right hand side you can access any relevant documents by clicking on "linked documents".

    I'm not sure what happens if you rerun the report and re-export to the DMS a second time. I assume it creates a second copy rather than update the original. I'll test it and get back to you.

    EDIT: I changed some grades (!) and ran the export again and the linked document got updated so that's really useful as you could centrally update any data.

    The only downfall with the system that i can see is that you can't bulk edit or delete the files once they are exported.

    EDIT: Also, just found i can't delete the attached document from within the student record. I'm sure this used to be possible, must be a permissions things.

    As an example, i've created sort of a certificate template in word that holds the prior attainment levels for a student i.e. KS1,KS2,KS3 results that get sent to us from the primary schools. I ran the report for all students here and then exported to the document management server. All staff can now access each pupils report by viewing their record and then clicking on linked documents.

    If you need help give me a shout, or if that isn't what you are after then post with some more details.
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