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MIS Systems Thread, Sims Server Specs in Technical; Right people i'm after some advise on specs for a new server for sims that i'd like to price up. ...
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    Sims Server Specs

    Right people i'm after some advise on specs for a new server for sims that i'd like to price up.

    It will be running win 2k3 server. Now I was thinking of something like Dual Xeon's 5150's or equilevant. 4Gb ram. 5x 146gb Hdd's in a raid 1 for OS and Raid 5 for Data. Dual 1Gb nics. Must be rackmountable.

    Does the above sound feasible? It will be running anything upto 80 concurrent sims connections for sims and/or pars registration. This will be the servers sole job.

    Our current server is a Dual Xeon 3Ghz with 1gb ram. And it takes a long time to load into sims. ie 10 mins+. Everything else on network is fine. Just sims slow at loading. This is also a DC, DNS, DHCP, Print and File storage. We're going to migrate 2 networks into 1.



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    That is more than enough. We have 90 concurrent connections on ws 2003, 2GB Ram, 3 x 146GB 15k rpm (RAID 5) 1 x 1000T NIC.

    And it is pretty quick, so your spec will be very fast as long as the workstations can request the data fast enough.

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