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MIS Systems Thread, Nova T error in Technical; I have a station that throws up the error Runtime error 101 at 0003:7034 when trying to open NOVA T. ...
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    Nova T error

    I have a station that throws up the error
    Runtime error 101 at 0003:7034
    when trying to open NOVA T. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Quote Originally Posted by randle View Post
    I have a station that throws up the error when trying to open NOVA T. Anyone have any ideas?
    First off, try to get a Supportnet account if you can. I'm not sure if you still have to be a single site (i.e. not LA supported) to qualify.

    From the solution search on supportnet:
    KB3271 - List of Run Time Errors

    Created 15/07/2002
    Last Updated 01/11/2007

    Affected Products NOVA-T4


    Notes SIMS Nova-T4 (All versions)

    Runtime errors
    These can occur when going into the software, or when trying to get into an area of the software.

    Advice The various Run Time Errors are listed below. This can be used as a guide to what the problem may be.

    Error Number and Message

    1 Invalid Function number
    2 File not found
    3 Path not found
    4 Too many open files
    5 File access denied - Check net access, they need full
    6 Invalid File Handle
    12 Invalid file access code
    15 Invalid drive number
    16 Cannot remove current directory
    17 Cannot rename across drives
    100 Disk read error - could be damaged or zero length file
    101 Disk write error
    102 File not assigned
    103 File not open
    104 File not open for input
    105 File not open for output
    106 Invalid numeric format
    200 Divsion by zero
    201 Range check error
    202 Stack overflow
    203 Heap overflow
    204 Invalid pointer operation
    205 Floating point overflow
    206 Floating point underflow
    207 Invalid floating point operation
    210 Object not initialized
    211 Call to abstract method
    212 Stream registration
    213 Collection index out of range
    214 Collection overflow error
    215 Arithmetic overflow error
    216 General Protection Fault
    Which leads you to "disk write error" being the problem. I would run filemon whilst reproducing the problem to see what's borking.

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    Any SIMS school can have a SupportNet account FOC.

  4. Thanks to PhilNeal from:

    sahmeepee (28th January 2008)

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