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MIS Systems Thread, Sims Mobile Attendence in Technical; We bought this a year ago and gave up on it as we wanted somthing to take registers outside of ...
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    Sims Mobile Attendence

    We bought this a year ago and gave up on it as we wanted somthing to take registers outside of wireless range. We also had problems with it stopping working eachtime we upgraded sims.

    I was wondering if in the time since then it has been modified to allow the database to be synchronised to allow them to be used out of wireless range and if the problem with upgrading had been solved.

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    I'm currently waiting for a PDA to test the Sims Mobile Software and I have been told by Capita that it is possible to download the registers for the day. The leave school, complete the registers and then upload the registers when back in wireless range.

    However this was on a second phone call, on the first phone call I was told it couldn't be done and needed to be range of wireless.

    From: SIMS Annual Entitlement & Maintenance Guide 2008/2009.
    "Lesson Monitor - Phase III. We will complete the move of Lesson Monitor functionality into Sims.NET. This will include the ability to use any key on a keyboard mapped to a DCSF code and Offline working"
    Never know with Capita, it may or may not work and may work sometimes, fail at other times.

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    Can't really help with whether its been fixed in SIMS (maybe Phil or one of the other SIMS guys can comment) but can advise you that alternatives are available.
    All the Bromcom folders act perfectly well with offsite registration ie. call it up on the folder on site, take folder off site, mark it, return to site and send it back.
    Then you also have the new M-Reg option which lets you take your register and send it back "live" from anywhere that you can get a Mobile phone signal(down the road, 30 miles away, field trip to Germany!) and the data packets are sall so its reasonably quick too.
    The data retrieved can then be pumped from e-Reg back into SIMS via the existing software interfaces. If you want to it can even be pumped back into Serco, Phoenix, RM or a whole plethora of other systems.

    I know it doesn't really answer your query but its food for thought nonetheless.
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