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MIS Systems Thread, SOLUS 3 Agent Install via GPO! in Technical; Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share my experience of the good old SOLUS 3!! - I want to deploy the ...
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    Post SOLUS 3 Agent Install via GPO!

    Hi Everyone,

    Just wanted to share my experience of the good old SOLUS 3!! - I want to deploy the Agent via GPO because we don't have desktops in the classroom every teacher has a laptop which they are allowed to take home. The issue was when installing the agent from within SOLUS 3 it would immediately fail and after reading several posts it seems that if SOLUS is unable to find a DNS entry it would produce the "failed to install" message. Reason for this is because it's the summer holidays, staff haven't been into school therefore the DNS entry for that laptop has expired. Therefore I needed away for the agent to install at startup, I tried every combination of trying to get the "Solus3AgentInstaller.bat" to run within my GPO startup script and failed to do so for several hours!

    I then read a TechNet article explaining that you can in fact add JavaScript directly into the Startup GPO (I never knew this!) and hey, presto it worked!

    Steps outlined below:
    1. Select an existing GPO or create a new one
    2. Copy ALL Agent installation files to the GPO folder (Show Files..)
    3. Add the Script: "AgentInstaller.js"
    4. Add Script Parameters: "agent_installer.log" "net.tcp://localhost:52966" "net.tcp://MY-SIMS-SERVER:52965" "Solus3.Keys.DeploymentService.Public.xml" "SOLUS3AgentInstaller_x86.msi" "SOLUS3AgentInstaller_x64.msi"


    I hope this may help someone that is experiencing the same issues as we did. As always there maybe a better way but I guess its whatever works for your setup.

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    Nice one.

    I took a different approach - I made an MST transform file which sets the properties needed by the SOLUS agent MSI directly to the properties table. The tricky part was generating the GUID - I used an MSI custom action to generate a GUID, then another custom action to set the AGENTID property in the MSI table.

    But your solution is much, much simpler.
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    @jinnantonnixx They should be pushing out the GUID from the server in a future release. Worth poking @PhilNeal about.

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    3.8 as well as handling updates when Sims apps are open

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