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MIS Systems Thread, Pastoral intervention database in Technical; Does anyone know of an intervention database for pastoral interventions that writes back and forth to SIMs? I have been ...
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    Pastoral intervention database

    Does anyone know of an intervention database for pastoral interventions that writes back and forth to SIMs? I have been asked to look into creating something that will take the students information from SIMs (basic details, SEN, Assessment etc) but where we can record pastoral interventions (counselling etc) and keep a centralised record of this, so that relevant members of staff can see the interventions, communications logs etc when they are looking at a child's record. We would also want to record CP, CAF information. Can this be done or does anyone know of a bolt on that can?

    The member of staff who asked me to look into it comes from a Social Work background, so i don't know if she is just expecting too much as they would obviously have had a database dedicated to just this.

    We currently use Blue Hills for provision mapping which is great for that, but doesn't read back to SIMs and the IEP writer in SIMs doesn't read back either?

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    If your local LA uses Capita ONE to record child information and process school place applications then there's a couple web based modules that do exactly what you want. They may be willing give you access with appropriate rights to only see you own students. Its something I was working on until I was moved to schools IT. Ask your local EWO what they use.

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    Cant you do this in Sims?

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    From spring 2015 there will be an interventions tool within SIMS. It is already possible to create user defined fields within SIMS to record the details you describe.

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    You can already record interventions in SIMS using the behaviour module. Search for a student and click Behaviour Management in the quick menu on the right. Scroll down and you will see interventions near the bottom. This will also display a line on their attendance/conduct graph in Student/Teacher view showing when the intervention happened which you can use to see if any improvement was made after intervention.

    You can configure the list of interventions by updating lookup tables in Tools - Lookups - Tools and searching for Intervention Type.

    To report on interventions, use the normal reporting tools in SIMS.

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