Morning one and all.

Done the delightful job of changing to vertical tutor groups this week (why I do not know....) aaaaaaaanyway it's all running and everyone is happy.

The pastoral structure is setup fine with tutor in charge of the class and a joint main supervisor as the second. In Nova-T the same setup with both teachers assigned to the reg groups.

HOWEVER, the problem is that only the teacher who is first alphabetically in that tutor group gets the group show up on their timeline and in searchs to take the register.

For example:

Reg group M1
2 teachers BTA

The main teacher is DJO and is setup accordingly in pastoral with BTA as the joint main supervisor. When you login as DJO she doesn't see a tutor group at all, BTA sees the group on his timeline. If you hit the binoculars and search tutor groups the search only returns BTA.

I can see why this looks the way it does because otherwise when searching you would have 2 entries for every tutor group where there is 2 teachers and it would get confusing but is there any way to get the tutor groups to show up on both teachers home pages and timeline?