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MIS Systems Thread, SQL Backups stopped working in Technical; For no obvious reason, my SQL backups (sims and other databases) have stopped working. When a Veritas(Symantec) backup job starts, ...
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    SQL Backups stopped working

    For no obvious reason, my SQL backups (sims and other databases) have stopped working.

    When a Veritas(Symantec) backup job starts, the job just shows its status as (queued). Eventually it gives up and fails.

    I'm using Backup Exec 11 and SQL 2005.

    No aware of changing anything since last Friday, when the last successful backup ran.

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    Re: SQL Backups stopped working

    Have any windows updates been applied?

    I'm sure you will have rebooted the server since last Friday :-)

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    Re: SQL Backups stopped working

    Try removing and re-installing the backup exec agent on the server in question. We've had problems with the SQL plugin for backup exec before, and re-deploying it usually solved the problems.

    For now I've stopped using it due to on going problems, insted I have a scheduled task within SQL that dumps the contents of the databases to a file on the server which is then backed up in the normal way. Although this uses a fair bit of space, it does work well.


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    Re: SQL Backups stopped working

    We had this problem too... when i get back to work on monday, ill let you know. All i know is that we had to change the backup.bat command as MSSQL was installed in a different folder and regards to veritas, i think i had to de-select something. But ill let you know on monday.

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