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MIS Systems Thread, FMS attaching scanned documents in Technical; Hi all, Finance dept asked for this feature to be set up a year ago and I still haven't got ...
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    Unhappy FMS attaching scanned documents

    Hi all,

    Finance dept asked for this feature to be set up a year ago and I still haven't got it working. The feature works completely fine when I, as a full domain admin user, and using a current FMS user login. But when the user logs on with their normal domain account the feature does not work and an error box appears "Unspecified Error". Right, I hear you all say, why not just make the user a local admin and everything should work. But no. Capita have had me looking through PROCMON logs, changing permissions on REG keys, changing permissions on folders and so and so. Someone somewhere must have this feature working and it would be great if they could point me in the right direction.

    Many thanks

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    To be honest, if the only difference is domain admin access as opposed to lay domain user then it is most likely permissions, so it's a good place to start testing.
    Try making them local admin as a test - does that work?
    Some of the older programs do have weird issues like this.
    Are you on Win7. If you can it's worth a test on an XP box - it's not safe to run in a live environment, but removes any issues to do with the advanced user permissions that came later, which affect local drive / folder access and can cause issues.

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