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MIS Systems Thread, Migrated to new server and SQL2012 - Problems in Technical; Hello folks, not often i venture into this area of the forum I've got edit ne problem with the checks ...
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    Migrated to new server and SQL2012 - Problems

    Hello folks, not often i venture into this area of the forum

    I've got editne problem with the checks following my migration to a new server and to SQL2012:

    First off, the B2B configuration and B2B Testing schedules
    I can't seem to activate a schedule, gives a little error symbol in the bottom left but doesn't give me any more info on the error, where do i go form here on that one?

    Suggestions please?

    EDITED: the above is now the only problem.

    EDIT AGAIN: It's fixed itself, no idea what i've done differently, but they're working and activated now.......stupid computers.
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    Had that issue.
    Was due to the tasks not deleting themselves out of C:\Windows\Tasks or C:\Windows\System32\Tasks

    Once deleting any B2B tasks left and giving SYSTEM or LOCAL SERVICE (can't remember which) full control of the folder, B2B started working again.
    Not sure what fixed your issue though.

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