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MIS Systems Thread, [Schoolcomms] Message archiving in Technical; Just had the message space warning popup at login today, so investigated what to do about it. Found you can ...
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    [Schoolcomms] Message archiving

    Just had the message space warning popup at login today, so investigated what to do about it.

    Found you can archive messages, so I thought I'd sort by "Size" and get rid of any big ones - and discovered it sorts alphabetically by number, not numerically - so 1, 10, 109, 11, 20, 300, 40... Any chance of sorting this?

    Also when you archive some messages, then archive some more, it forgets where you archived to before - could it be set to remember the last used path (per user)?


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    Thanks for pointing out the sorting problem - we'll get that fixed. It probably needs a new desktop release so it will get bundled into the next one of those.

    We'll take a look at saving the path as well. It might be to the machine rather than to the user?

    Thanks again for the feedback.

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