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MIS Systems Thread, Which aspects are in use and picking current year from a results set in Technical; I've inherited SIMS at a PRU, so we only have a few pupils in each year. 1. is there a ...
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    Which aspects are in use and picking current year from a results set

    I've inherited SIMS at a PRU, so we only have a few pupils in each year.

    1. is there a way to see which of the many aspects I see lying around actually have data in, and for which result sets?

    2. Also I'm trying to create a way to see a pupil's current year's half termly tests, all english test results are in 1 aspect with result sets of Year 7 Autumn first half term, Year 7 Au 2, Sp 1, Sp 2, Year 8 Au 1 up to Year 11 Su 2.

    Looks like I either create 5 of whatever I make (marksheets, individual reports, or reports exported to something else), or I export everything to excel along with a current year and pick out the columns with excel. Or have I missed a trick?

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    1. SIMS has some useful, but devilishly hidden, features for working with results. Go to Tools - Performance - System Utilities - Assessment. There you can find options to bulk delete/copy/move results, aspects, marksheets, templates etc...
    I'm not if it will be precise enough, but when you go to delete results, it will list how many results are stored in that aspect. You may be able to drill down to specific year groups/aspects.
    The other way to do it is to create a marksheet with all the aspects in it. Don't select a result set, just make it display the most recent result. You can right click on a result and go to result history to see what else is there.

    2. I don't quite understand your question. However, I would usually have a template per year group, with result sets specific to that year group in it. A quicker way of creating it would be to make a large mark sheet with all the aspects for all the result sets you need - duplicate that for each year group - then delete/hide the columns you don't need.
    Could you explain again what you are wanting to achieve?

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    I would make the master marksheet as described above, and with so few students, you can assign it to the 'all year groups' option under year groups, then use the reg group column to differentiate.

    So add every aspect you have to a marksheet, it would be even better to add each with each resultset. On creation you can multi-select all aspects then choose a resultset. If you have extraneous aspects you know you don't need, put all the ones you want in a category by editing them individually. This can be exported to Excel, but also used to clone and delete columns from.

    The other new way to quickly create marksheets is to create one how you want, then clone it and use the bulk resultset change button. You just have to be careful if you're displaying more than one resultset to alter them in the correct order.

    Your best bet is probably the global marksheet option as i reckon in a week or so your next task will be to show the half yearly grades side by side for a student, and then across from year to year which will easily be done from that main one. Also it's easier to see which resultsets have data and which don't.

    Once you've seen the data you can decide how best to output to an ind. report if you need to.

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